IC 設計およびレイアウト・サービス

IC 設計およびレイアウト・サービス





FMAX offers analog and mixed-signal design services ranging from basic verification and IC layout services to the design of state-of-the-art mixed signal circuits. At FMAX, customers access highly experienced mixed signal design engineers each with 20-30 years of design experience. Final deliverable product may be an IC, such as an ASIC, or just an IP block. Many projects start with a limited scope feasibility study.

Design Competencies

  • Integer-N PLL 
  • Frac-N PLL
  • Low Noise Frequency Synthesis
  • Data Conversion
  • CMOS Micropower (5nA BGAP/PTAT, nA Power Conversion)
  • Low Noise VCOs
  • Trans-impedance Amplifiers for Opto-electronic Receivers
  • Clock and Data Recovery
  • SerDes Data Aggregator
  • Wide Bandwidth Sample and Hold
  • Power Supply / Voltage Regulation
  • Micropower CMOS BandGap; PTAT; Voltage Conversion
  • I2C
  • Digital PLL
  • Time Domain Reflectometer
  • FPGA and/or Verilog-A Architecture Proof of concept
  • Up to 60 Gbaud PAM4

Specialized Board Fabrication

  • 40 GHz Controlled Impedance
  • Chip-Scale-Packaging


  • High Performance Multi-Core CPU Simulators
  • Verilog-A / Device-level SPICE integration
  • Verilog-A Based Verification Methodology
  • Remote Office VPN

Process Experience CMOS / SiGe 

  • X-FAB XC06, XH035
  • TSMC 350nm, 180nm, 90nm, 65nm, 40nm, 28nm
  • IBM-7RF (180nm SOI)
  • IBM-7HP(180nm Emitter Length SiGe)
  • IBM-8HP(130nm Emitter Length SiGe)
  • IBM-9HP(90nm Emitter Length SiGe)
  • IHP SG13G2Cu(130nm Emitter Length SiGe w/ 4 Cu layers)

IC Layout Tools

  • Cadence
  • Silvaco
  • Customer Provided VPN / VNC