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L-17D Log Video Amplifier IC

  • ANADYNE's Fast Ultra Low Noise Preamp; Compatible with many different input topologies for maximum flexibility.

  • Two More Linear Amplifiers; Integrated amplifiers allow for very low propagation delay and high dynamic range.

  • Eleven Log and Linear Extension Stages; Many of the stages are tunable making very precise and custom non linear transfers possible.

  • Direct Summing Junction for Dual LVA Circuits; Two or more L-17D's can be used in combination for even more dynamic range.

  • Output Amplifier Stage; Our output amplifier can drive 50 ohm cables and now comes with a short circuit protection option.

  • Hermetically sealed and thoroughly screened for high reliability applications.

Spec Sheets


Package Size 10mmx10mm, packaged, 2x3 mm die  
Input Rail Voltages +/-5V to +/- 7V  
Operating Temperature range -55C to 95C The L-17D is burned in under power at 150C
Current draws at +/-6V 32ma, I-, I+  
Dynamic range linear input >92dBv positive input, 80dBv negative input  
Max dynamic range with tunnel diode 50dB  
Max dynamic range with Schottky detector 65dB  
Log linearity Tunable to +/-1/3db  
Temperature drift <0.5dB after adjustment  
Input voltage noise density 1.2nv/√Hz  
Input current noise density <1pa/√Hz  
Risetime (10% to 90%) 8ns With full dynamic range, faster with 2 log stages eliminated
Transit time (50% to50%) 8ns Variation in transit time over full dynamic range can be tuned to <2ns
Pulse to CW variation <.0.2dB A change in pulse duration from 10 ns to 1 ms (at high duty-cycle) does not affect pulse height for DC coupled designs. For pseudo AC coupled designs 90%+ duty cycles are possible.
Fall time to 50mv output <50ns (with recovery nets)  
Max output voltage VCC-2.1V  
Output drive capability 80ma  
Output slope adjustable  

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L-17D packaged parts: EAR99                 

L2010 die: EAR99                                     

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