Frequency Down Converters 



Product Specifications

Model NumberData sheetMinimum RF FrequencyMaximum RF FrequencyMinimum IF FrequencyMaximum IF FrequencyMinimum LO FrequencyMaximum LO FrequencyPower SupplyRF Port
STC-20-06-S1Datasheet110 GHz170 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz9.167 GHz14.167 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-06 Waveguide
STC-20-28-S1Datasheet26.5 GHz40 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz13.25 GHz20 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-28 Waveguide
STC-30-28-S1Datasheet26.5 GHz40 GHz10 MHz8 GHz12 GHz20 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-28 Waveguide
STC-20-22-S1Datasheet33 GHz50 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz8.25 GHz12.5 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-22 Waveguide
STC-20-19-S1Datasheet40 GHz60 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz10 GHz15 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-19 Waveguide
STC-30-19-C1Datasheet40 GHz60 GHz10 MHz8 GHz10 GHz15 GHz100VAC (Min), 240 VAC (Max)WR-19 Waveguide
STC-20-15-S1Datasheet50 GHz75 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz12.5 GHz18.75 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-15 Waveguide
STC-20-12-S1Datasheet60 GHz90 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz10 GHz15 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-12 Waveguide
STC-20-10-S1Datasheet75 GHz110 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz12.5 GHz18.33 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-10 Waveguide
STC-75311405-10-C1Datasheet75 GHz110 GHz6 GHz41 GHz---WR-10 Waveguide
STC-20-08-S1Datasheet90 GHz140 GHz10 MHz1.6 GHz10 GHz15.556 GHz100 VAC to 240 VACWR-08 Waveguide