Fixed Waveguide Termination Loads 

リストされているモデルは18〜110 GHzをカバーしていますが、170 GHzまでの周波数用に追加のモデルを提供できます。

Waveguide terminations are designed to provide a low VSWR and are available in various versions to handle different power applications. The below standard models include low and medium power levels, however, higher power levels of up to several hundred watts are also available. While the listed models cover 18 to 110 GHz, additional models can be offered for frequencies up to 170 GHz.


Product Specifications

Model NumberData sheetMinimum FrequencyMaximum FrequencyPower Handling, WattsPower Handling, dBmVSWRLoad TypeWaveguide Port
SWL-0627-S1Datasheet110 GHz170 GHz0.5 W27 dBm1.1FixedWR-06 Waveguide
SWL-4233-S1Datasheet18 GHz26.5 GHz2.0 W33 dBm-FixedWR-42 Waveguide
SWL-3430-S1Datasheet22 GHz33 GHz1 W34 dBm-FixedWR-34 Waveguide
SWL-2832-S1Datasheet26.5 GHz40 GHz1.6 W32 dBm1.04FixedWR-28 Waveguide
SWL-2832-S1-SDatasheet26.5 GHz40 GHz1.5 W32 dBm-FixedWR-28 Waveguide
SWL-2230-S1Datasheet33 GHz50 GHz1.0 W30 dBm1.04FixedWR-22 Waveguide
SWL-1930-S1Datasheet40 GHz60 GHz1.0 W30 dBm1.05FixedWR-19 Waveguide
SWL-1527-S1Datasheet50 GHz75 GHz0.5 W27 dBm1.05FixedWR-15 Waveguide
SWL-1227-S1Datasheet60 GHz90 GHz0.5 W27 dBm1.05FixedWR-12 Waveguide
SWL-1027-S1Datasheet75 GHz110 GHz0.5 W27 dBm1.05FixedWR-10 Waveguide
SWL-0827-S1Datasheet90 GHz140 GHz0.5 W27 dBm1.1FixedWR-08 Waveguide